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Season 2, Episode 6 — Karl Forehand

Season 2, Episode 6 — Karl Forehand

June 1, 2021

My good friend Karl Forehand and I sit down to discuss his new book, BEING

I had some mic issues, but Karl comes through crystal clear!

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Season 2 Episode 5 — The Turney Bros

Season 2 Episode 5 — The Turney Bros

May 1, 2021

Jon and Nat Turney are two brothers who are blazing a new trail with their podcast, This Is Not ChurchIn this episode, we talk in depth about Deconstruction and the damage that organized religion can create for us. Pay attention to these two! They are going places!

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Keith Giles — Jesus Unforsaken

Keith Giles — Jesus Unforsaken

April 26, 2021

Keith is one of our most popular guests. Each time we sit down to speak, my spirit is refreshed. In this episode, Keith talks about his latest bestselling and groundbreaking book, Jesus Unforsaken. 

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Season 2, Episode 3 — Melissa Griggs

Season 2, Episode 3 — Melissa Griggs

April 12, 2021

I have known Melissa Griggs for over 20 years and have seen her go from rebellious teen to a minister and preacher of the gospel! As she shared her testimony, I choked back tears. You will be greatly blessed with this episode!

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Season 2, Episode 2 — Dr. Thomas Jay Oord

Season 2, Episode 2 — Dr. Thomas Jay Oord

March 30, 2021

Author, teacher, and theologian Dr. Thomas Jay Oord sits down with me and talks about his bestselling book, God Can't. You may need to listen to this one more than once!

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Season Two, Episode 01 — Dr. Steve McVey

Season Two, Episode 01 — Dr. Steve McVey

March 16, 2021

Welcome back to the new season! We kick off with Dr. Steve McVey of Quantum Life with Steve McVey and author of over 18 books that show God to be a loving gracious father! 

We talk about the Grace Walk as well as quantum science and how it teaches us to know God better and deeper! You will love Dr. McVey! He also wrote the Foreword to my first book!

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Episode 16 — Simran Singh (Season Finale)

Episode 16 — Simran Singh (Season Finale)

November 10, 2020

Allow me to introduce you to a dear friend. Simran is a very well known author and TedX speaker. She is so connected to the Universe and all of it's particulars. I met her online years ago. I was constantly seeing my clock at 11:11. I wanted to know why and I found Simran and her incredible teachings on the subject. 

In this conversation, we spoke in great detail about the Universe and how it speaks to us as well as how we can learn to hear and trust it.

Later I realized that her husband was my children's dentist. I also later realized that her sister is former SC Governor and former US Ambassador Nikki Haley!

Find Simran's work here, here, and here.

Episode 15 — Wm Paul Young

Episode 15 — Wm Paul Young

October 23, 2020

I loved every minute of this conversation with Wm Paul Young. The author of The Shack and Lies We Believe About God, opens up about his personal life, tells the amazing story of how The Shack was written, and talks about his latest book, The Pastor: A Crisis, co-authored with Dr. Brad Jersak. 

I admit to getting very emotional during and after this talk. I know you will love it!

Find Paul here.

Episode 13 — Autumn Asphodel

Episode 13 — Autumn Asphodel

September 29, 2020

Autumn Asphodel Is a popular source of internet encouragement. She is an author and motivational speaker. Her story is amazing! We spoke candidly about her transition for male to female and her personal struggles with her own gender identity. We also spoke about Dissociative Identity Disorder and her story of overcoming this. This is an episode you must listen to!

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Episode 12 — Keith Giles

Episode 12 — Keith Giles

September 22, 2020

You will be blown away by this conversation with Keith Giles. We discuss his latest book, Jesus Unexpected, Apocalyptic Hyperbole, and his BK2SQ1 class. When you sign up for the class, mention this podcast to receive a 65% discount! Links below.

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